History of the Temple

Lord Pashupatinath is the guardian deit eme pilgrimage for every Hindu on this planet. Pashupati is one of the name of Lord Shiva or Shankar. He has 1008 names. Among them Pashupati is very famous. There are two words – means the Lord of all being. After the veneration and devotion of Lord Pashupati one can get knowledge and wisdom, which will help to know the life, world and God.
The temple attracts millions of pilgrims each year and has become well known far beyond Nepal. In this vicinity, there are a number of other holy pasture) and the forested hill of Mrigasthali or Shleshmantak; to the west there is a large meadow; to the south there are full of houses and inhabitants; and to the north there is Kailash plateau.

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